Bringing Summer Solstice to YOU!

Connect with Your Soul.

Rejoice with Your Community.

Get Inspired to Serve Your World.

June 19-21, 2020

Want to re-create the magic of Solstice at home? 

Are you craving a connection with your Kundalini community?

Are you looking to deepen your spiritual practice?

Register for the e-Solstice Summit

Get Free Access to 3 full Days of Kundalini Yoga & More

This summer, we could not host Summer Solstice in person because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  To bring you the classes you want with the teachers you love, we are taking Solstice online.  

Join our 3 day e-summit to experience some of the finest teachers of Kundalini Yoga, use our recipes to enjoy the Solstice Diet at home, and tune into our break out groups and chat rooms for conversation and community.

We are offering this for free to serve the needs of our community but welcome your donations in support of our work.


Live, Group & Recorded Content

Challenge yourself to dynamic classes, make connections in breakout groups, and experience the magic of live sadhana and meditations.

Live Morning Sadhana & Evening Concerts

Each day we will gather in the "Amrit Vela", or morning nectar time, in New Mexico, just as we would in person at Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration, where thousands of yogis come together for spiritual practice under the stars. 

Join us for LIVE morning sadhana, the recitation of Japji, a short yoga set, and chanting the Aquarian Sadhana mantras.

In the evenings we will have live chanting meditations and a Saturday night live concert.

Kundalini Yoga Classes with Masterful Teachers

During our morning and afternoon yoga class slot you will have the option of choosing between 2 powerful classes from masterful teachers.

Because the content is recorded, you will be able to go back and do the classes again, or take the one you had to skip during the e-Summit!

Breakout Groups to process & share

Whether you are looking for a support group to process your experiences, or curious to study more in depth on a special topic, we have 12 daily Zoom groups for you to choose from.

With powerful guides and the opportunity to connect & thrive with your Kundalini tribe, our breakout groups are sure to give you that Summer Solstice vibe of hanging out together after class, watermelon not included.

Register for Free. Donate to Share.

A portion of the funds raised will go to Y.O.G.A. for YOUTH.

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